Yellow River is the famous river in the plains of China. One of the attractions of this river is presented Hukou Waterfall.

Hukou Waterfall became the largest waterfall in the flow of the Yellow River has an amazing sight. Waterfall is naturally formed when the flow in the middle of the Yellow River flows through a large canyon Jinxia.

Just below the waterfall, you'll find a shiny stone called guishi. What makes this stone seem mysterious, even though the water levels rise or fall and no matter how large the volume of water, part of the stone is still visible.

Under the waterfall, there are islands Qilangwo Bridge that connects the two provinces of Shanxi and Shaanxi. At the time sky is clear, the fog is refracted by sunlight to form a rainbow, it makes the bridge such as colorful.

Hukou Waterfall over the years has attracted visitors from around the world. The cost to enjoy the beauty and splendor Hukou Waterfall is CNY46.


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