Sean Penn, looks cute with dressed, with longish hair and lipstick on his latest film, "This Must Be the Place". But in a video film which lasted about three minutes, Sean did not say any dialogue. That looks just'm singing a song and everyone enjoyed the music.

Despite the appearance of Sean looks cute, "This Must Be the Place" is not a comedy. Narrated, Cheyenne a former rock star rich bored with retirement life in Dublin. He also traveled to New York to visit his father. But he was too late, because his father had been killed. He was looking for the presence of his father's killer who was a Nazi criminals and reportedly are hiding in the United States.

"This Must Be the Place" also enlivened Frances McDormand (Jane), Eve Hewson (Mary), Judd Hirsch (Mordecai Levy) and Shea Whigham (Ernie). According to the plan, the film director Paolo Sorrentino will be released this year.

Sean Penn in "This must be the place" (Video):


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