Lady GaGa fans who could not wait for her latest single, "Judas". Friday (April 15) tracks scheduled to be released on April 19, it was aired on a radio station in London.

"Judas" is a single second mainstay, has played for the first time through the program "Home Run" was initiated by 95-106 Capital FM. The track is a love story and a religious theme, inspired by the name of the character of Jesus' disciples who betrayed. Through the lyrics, GaGa want to lift a story about a woman who has repeatedly fallen in love with the wrong man.

"Ohhh, I'm in love with Judas,"was the sound of poetry which was sung at the beginning of his song GaGa. "When he comes to me I am ready, I'll wash my hair with his feet if he needs / Forgive uterus Pls his tongue lies through his brain, even after three times he betrays me / I'll bring down uterus, a king with no crown. "

"Judas", the lyrics were created solely by GaGa. For music videos of singles produced RedOne be directed immediately by GaGa together with Laurieann Gibson, and it is expected will be completed in a few weeks.

"Judas NEW SINGLE! Thank you for the fans who have inspired me to make this song," wrote GaGa on Twitter.

You can download free from YouTube. Listen "Judas" Lady GaGa:


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