Franchise Stars "Twilight", Nikki Reed now has a new boyfriend, Paul McDonald. Still have to get out of 'American Idol', Paul still had a reason to stay smile. "Yes, me and Nikki has dating. That's true and official," said Paul told E! Online. "He's super smart, I am pleased with the nature of it."

Paul added that they often go out in some places. Because both are busy, they rarely met. Even Paul claim to have never watched Nikki's latest movie. However, their relationship so far is still fun and walk smoothly.

Since its first meeting at the premiere of the film "Red Riding Hood", Nikki and Paul are the target of romance rumors and speculation. Moreover, they often appear in some events. Nikki also always make time to watch Paul's appearance on "American Idol" and often provide support to the back of the stage.

In connection with the eliminated from "American Idol", Paul says that Nikki a little disappointed but still calm. Paul and Nikki was convinced by the number of support, but they must accept the fact because it can go in the contest.

"Some of the song choices are not likely to be the best for me," said Paul told MTV. "I'm really not good at and comfortable to sing the songs of others."


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