After the concert a huge success around the world, Justin Bieber will continue the journey to Australia. In fact, reportedly, Chris Brown will join the concert tour.

This was disclosed by Justin via Twitter. "AUSTRALIA ... We came in and maybe there will be some surprises!"

They also will collaborate on the song "Next 2 You". Songs such plan would become one of the tracks on the album, the fourth mainstay Chris, "FAME" (2011).

Chris Brown busy with charity work. Reported by Daily Telegraph, Chris held a meeting with 10 youth from Charitable Organizations Best Buddies Australia at Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia.

"Chris Brown was involved in our organization who are in the United States," said Mark Trevaskis, head of the agency. "We have made a schedule so that he could be with us and play some games here."

In the event, Chris gives an opportunity for them to interact with it. In fact, Chris also meet their requests for photos together or just asking for autographs.


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