Tinie Tempah, planned following the success of "Written in the Stars" (2010). BIA is known busy preparing the latest song to be a single mainstay in second albums.

Reported by Digital Spy, the song titled "Till I'm Gone". Tinie invite Wiz Khalifa, for a duet rendition of it and was produced by Stargate.

"I think we are in the same situation but in the opposite condition," said Tinie told Daily Star. "He was very famous in the United States, while I often performed in Europe and UK. So, now is the right time to collaborate with him."

Tinie in advance today are plagued by a concert tour schedule in United States. His name became known when he hits a single to bring its flagship "Pass Out", "Written in the Stars", "Frisky" (ft. Labrinth) and "Miami 2 Ibiza".


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