American pop singer, Ke$ha, felt she was not so popular. Despite recording her albums have been sold worldwide, Ke$ha confessed still find it difficult to compete in the music industry since 2005.

However, the difficulties it had faced after Ke$ha study the life of someone who has become her idol. Apparently, the guitarist from The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, who became the inspiration behind the success Ke$ha in the music world.

"I read your life's journey and that Keith Richards was an inspiration," said Ke$ha, as reported by the Music Rooms. "I got to the part where when he was insulted at school and turn themselves into an anti against certain groups to oppose them. This is an experience because no one would talk to me in school."

Ke$ha tell that she had become one of the participants in the talent show when she was educated at a school in the Nashville area. In the race, she sang songs from the band Radiohead's "Karma Police" (1997).

At that time, the appearance Ke$ha do not get good reception from her friends. The story is what ultimately makes Ke$ha learned of Keith's life experiences that have a success principle.


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