Evan Rachel Wood revealed that she is now looking for love and do not mind associated with a male or female. Evan Rachel Wood is Bisexual.

"I accept everything," said Evan in interview with Esquire magazine for editions in May "Seeing a good man, or with a woman."

Evan explained that she always felt androgynous. As androgynous, Evans admitted to being a man or a woman.

Evan was dating and engaged to Marilyn Manson, for three years. They dropped out last year. Evan also had a date with a woman, Evan served as the man in the relationship.

"I'm more like a man if you get the women. I am a dominant," said Evan. "I who opened the door, buying dinner. Well, I am a romantic."

Although pleased with same-sex dating, but Evans admits she still loves Marilyn. Because Marlyn who has raised name. According to him, Marlyn is the figure of genius and extraordinary artist. Despite breaking up, they're still friends and have a good relationship.


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