Kelly Clarkson, Rodney Jerkins, provide information about Kelly's new album scheduled for release around July 2011. Elements of pop rock music that will be poured into the album.

The flow of music has been poured into a song entitled "I Forgive You" which has been selected Rodney and Lauren Christy. The first person appointed by them both to the song it is Kelly. Without waiting for a long time, they invited Kelly to record the single and now they've just completed the construction phase of the song.

"The song titled 'I Forgive You' which I did with Lauren Christy thick wing pop rock," said Rodney told The Hollywood Reporter. "Then I immediately sent the song and get an answer that night. Kelly undergo the process of recording with the great and I have completed. He was surprised. The result is satisfactory."

Doug has said that Kelly was the fifth album could be released before July. When asked about the news of Kelly's album release schedule delay until September, Rodney said that it was part of a policy of record label Sony Music as a shade Kelly. But, it all has been clarified by Doug Morris who acted as CEO of that label.


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