After weeks of rumors and stories, and very public infighting the news came today, probably a little earlier than expected - Beck's contract with Fox not to the end of the year end.

Glenn Beck is leaving his program on the network by the end of the year, Fox News announced.

Michael Keegan, president of People for the American Way, said: "It is encouraging to know that it no longer profitable to support posted for a major television network to the demagogic tirades of his conspiracy theorist.

"This should be as useful to the GOP leaders to understand that Glenn Beck has always been more of a hindrance than a ruthless help.Voters always the extremism of the GOP are weary come, and Beck was one of the most foolish party ideologue. Unfortunately for and is of the paranoid, truth-the-world agenda he brought to the fore root taken in the Republican Party. Speaker Boehner's helplessness in his group's desire for a government shutdown duration is only the latest example of how the modern GOP, the inmates were over the asylum. "

People for the American Way's report published on the violent consequences of Beck's rhetoric, in December.

If policy calls for an otherwise harmless discussion, the social contract is broken. We are not just sports fans more, we are Democrats and Republicans and the religious and atheist and a divisive thing for another, and this is not just something that is easy to handle building the infrastructure of sports-related small talk, as someone with a large family can confirm.

Good luck, Glenn Beck, but it is what you do with the rest of your life, please keep baseball out of it. Sports websites are like dining tables, fighting is good, but politeness can be interesting to see if it will permanently end of the meal.


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