Placebo - Studies on the use of placebo concluded, sometimes fake pills can work better than drugs in fact. Doctors recommend to use more intensively, without explicitly telling their patients.

German research results is in contrast with what the U.S. and Britain agreed stating that the use of placebos without patient consent is not ethical.

Placebo pills made of sugar and flour. But doctors are also using other substances including vitamins and herbal supplements (Herbal Darah Tinggi). German Medical Association, the placebo did not have bad side effects and become the last hope for patients, to heal.

Peter Scriba, Councilor German Medical Association says a placebo may help patients who experience mild anxiety, depression, chronic inflammatory problems, and asthma. Placebo is the best medicine for diseases that have a subjective component.

"That's what I call a lie," said Ted Kaptchuk, associate professor of medicine at Harvard University. "I'm not saying it's wrong, but it may be accepted in the United States."

Half of the doctors in Denmark, Britain and the United States regularly give placebos without telling them.

"We do not agree with the use of placebo, this is a drug that does not have medical benefits," said Tony Calland, chairman of the medical ethics committee of the British Medical Association's. "Using a placebo is not scientific."


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