Lindsay Lohan back tripped legal problems that might be made void get two film projects.

Reporting from CNN, April 22, Lindsay continued to undergo court-related cases of theft of a necklace valued at $ 2500 in jewelry stores jewelry stores Kamofie & Company, Venice, Calif, Jan 22. Judge Stephanie Sautner at Los Angeles high court set the sentence, go back to jail for four months for violating probation from previous cases.

In the trial, prosecutors Danette Meyers presents a number of key witnesses against Lindsay and lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley. The first witness, Tinelli Comsooksri, revealed that four days before the theft of the necklace, diamond earrings Lindsay have brought on the ear, while trying to exit the store.

"She covered the earrings in her ears with her hair," said Tinnelli. She later confessed to stop Lindsay before leaving the store.

The second witness, Sofia Kamen. Sofia revealed that he also knew about the incident earrings. "We think that ordinary accident. We had no idea if she'll take it," said Sofia.

Shawn accuses Sofia questioned about client's motivation to steal. Sofia exploit the incident for profit by selling a video for $ 40,000.

Sofia refute and revealed that all proceeds of video sales profits fell to Christopher Spencer. Sofia also said if she only realized if gold diamond necklace was missing 10 minutes after Lindsay left the shop. After word got out the theft, the police testified that Lindsay's assistant had returned the necklace was a while after the release warrant to search house of Lindsay.

Judge Stephanie decided to lighten the punishment. Lindsay only ordered to pay a security deposit of $ 75,000 and do 360 hours of social work in care centers for women in Los Angeles. In addition, must do 120 hours of social services in Los Angeles mortuary.

"I gave a chance," said Judge Stephanie. "After seeing the women who are sick and need help to live maybe Lindsay could be better."

The next hearing is scheduled around June 3. However, the judge ordered Lindsay to return to court on 11 May.


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