Marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton continues to be a concern. Engagement rings, wedding dresses and guests, a hot topic.

By Willam and Kate's wedding day on April 29, where they will honeymoon?

Sunday Mirror reported, Willam and Kate might have spent his honeymoon at Lizard Island - the island which lies along Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia.

The island became a very popular tourist destination for lovers of the underwater sport. It took several hours from Cairns by plane to that location.

A month ago, William said to the locals, "I love scuba diving. I always wanted to dive the Great Barrier Reef."

"I have to go back there. Maybe we'll honeymoon in Cairns," he added.

Kate seen shopping at British retailer Warehouse, London. He spent U.S. $ 350 to buy clothes for warm weather.


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