After presenting the music video for "Burning In The Skies" in February, Linkin Park re-issue a new single from the album "A Thousand Suns" (2010). They chose a song called "Iridescent" to be a mainstay of the fourth track.

The songs are a list of tracks on Linkin Park's fourth album is only focused on human life. Likewise with "Iridescent", through song LP reviewed the story of human life is in ruins. Tells about the feelings of someone who is shrouded in despair and how his efforts to get up and out of the grief they experienced.

As quoted by the official site Linkin Park, www.lpassociation.com, "Iridescent" scheduled for release on the radio around April 19. One of the band members, Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park claimed that still remain to experience some live recordings and tour schedule.

Since its release September 8, 2010, "A Thousand Suns" has sold over 630 thousand copies. While the previous album, "Minutes To Midnight" (2007), succeeded in making Linkin Park was awarded two Platinum awards.

Check out fourth single, Linkin Park "Iridescent":


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