Tonight Real Madrid will play in London to complete his mission to qualify for the Champions League semi-finals.

Thursday (04/14/2011), Madrid will face host Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane stadium, after beating the Spurs (4-0) at the Santiago Bernabeu. If victory awake, Madrid will step into the semifinals.

"I do not think about Wembley when they arrive here, but we could just go there and have a chance to reach our tenth title," said midfielder Xabi Alonso told a news conference.

"If we qualify, it would be a step in the right direction. We will go to the next level and that's a positive omen for us. We hope to come here (London) again on 28 May, "added Alonso.

"We did not come here to survive. More and more make a goal, it is increasingly difficult for Spurs. If we were balanced between defense and attack, we would not have a problem to get away,"said Alonso was quoted from UEFA official site.


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