Pamela Anderson, called on China to ban imports of seal meat and oil from Canada. Seal hunt is inhumane.

Pamela invites the Chinese government through a letter he wrote to the Minister of Natural Resources of China, Xu Shaoshi. Pamela would like to invite the Minister Xu to witness firsthand the cruelty of the Canadian seal slaughter.

"Can China stop the import of seal meat and oil products such animal," the Pamela letter released by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as reported by AFP. "If the Minister Xu witnessed this massacre, I believe that you will change your mind for the import of seal products into China. Because many seals are still powerless month-old was beaten to death using clubs that have sharp nails."

Canada and China reached an agreement earlier this year, agreed to import meat and oil seals. The decision was taken after the EU ban of seal products after activists protest against animal poaching poles.

According to the Canadian seal hunt that has lasted for 350 years it was the humane thing. The reason, the hunt is helping some 6,000 fishermen who rely on the North Atlantic about 35 percent of their annual income from the seal hunt.

China became the third largest importer of fish and marine products from Canada, after the United States and the European Union. Until recently, Chinese government has not responded directly related to Pamela letter.


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