Michael was amazed at all the equipment and professional crews work systems, but when asked about the way the story of this film, Michael did not want to disclose it.

"Prometheus", Michael Fassbender plays as David. He feels the experience gained is very fascinating.

"I did a shoot and I was walking in a spaceship. It's amazing," said Michael Fassbender. "All types of panels and screens associated with a high level of art as well as with carpenters wood and everything goes together. What is clear is good, amazing, everything."

Initially, this film is a prequel "Alien" (1979) who also directed by Ridley, but then this project stands alone. Michael is not much to explain but when asked how the script of this film, Michael simply stated that he did so gladly. He also greatly admired the team who work professionally.

"Prometheus" will be released around June 2012. The stars who have joined, Noomi Rapace (Elizabeth Shaw), Charlize Theron (Vickers), Logan Marshall-Green (Holloway), Sean Harris and Kate Dickie is not yet known.


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