Olive Pad, combining features of tablet PCs, with entertainment devices, the GPS navigator, smart phones and e-book reader.

Olive Pad, internet facilities in the tablet, providing a multimedia experience. Price: $ 500. It's cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad.

Features a wider, media library with Froyo Android applications, can do multitasking.

As for the features in the Olive Pad:

More than 100,000 applications, business applications, entertainment and multimedia.


With 7-inch TFT screen and rendering a large courtyard, can access the Internet with the touch.

Settings easier, available 4 setup.

Mobile Maps By MapMyIndia
With a GPS sensor and Map My India, Olive Pad makes it easy to explore places unknown. Features fantastic, navigation route calculation and voice features on the map of India. All features are free for download.


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