Paris Hilton and Cy Waits would be present in court cases related to house break-ins in August last year by Nathan Parada. Nathan Parada carrying a knife and robbed intend to force the Cy for pointing a gun, quoted by Associated Press.

When about to go to the courthouse Van Nuys, Los Angeles, April 27, James Rainford (36) suddenly attacked Cy from behind. Photographers and reporters who interviewed Cy and Paris to see James punches Cy, finally secured by Paris bodyguards and taken to the police.

James tried to get into Paris around October last house and clashed with home security. After the arrest, James confessed love in Paris and allowed to get married by Paris's father, Rick Hilton.

"Rick Hilton told me I could get married with Paris. He gave his blessing. I love Paris," said James.

"Other psychopaths vandals just beat Cy in the back of his head when we were walking into the courthouse," said Paris on Twitter. "It's scary."

Paris Hilton and Cy Waits Attacked, video:


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