Pia Toscano, was eliminated. Friday April 8, revealing feel will be in the position of the three lowest.

"You know, that obviously is a little surprising but the night before I felt something weird with my stomach," Pia said as quoted by The Wall Street Journal. "I do not think I look bad but I told my parents I have a feeling it. He just said 'Do not be stupid, self-confidence'."

Jennifer Lopez was shocked, told Ryan Seacrest that she could not understand why Pia gets little support.

"Pia is one talented singer who we have. I was very surprised. Honestly, I do not understand what happened," said Jennifer Lopez. "Maybe people thought he was safe, as my opinion."

Disappoint his fans, like Tom Hanks, Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Hudson, also was disappointed. To express frustration, they write on Twitter.

- Tom Hanks: "It's not a habit 'Idol', but how could Pia gets no votes? I probably will not see ('American Idol') again this season."

- Ashton Kutcher: "Who would vote on American Idol? That's crazy! Pia is dope."

- Jennifer Hudson: "I do not believe them to eliminate Pia! Really?"

Pia is often considered the incarnation of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion as well as the ability to sing a rendition of the ballad. But when Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is taken as the theme this week, Pia also shows that he is also capable of bringing rock song by selecting a single property called Tina Turner "River Deep Mountain High".

Helped enliven the stage "American Idol" Thursday night, Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson brought the single "Don't You Wanna Stay". Also appearing is Rihanna singing the single taken from the album "Loud", "California King Bed."


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