The Pittsburgh Pirates vs. the Chicago Cubs today.

Cubs have a few questions must be answered. It lacks a real Leadoff hitter. Carlos Pena is off to a slow start. Alfonso Soriano is ice cold. Aramis Ramirez seems to tear out the NL in his contract year.

What do you think about it. But remember this fact.

Robert Redford will be on the opening day of the hand. Pirates have nothing to fear in the Cubs starters. Matt Garza, that after a shaky spring, some Cubs fans believe the ball club could have invested too much of their future to lock up the right-handed.

Ryan Dempster has been a beast in the month of April. The opposition is not higher than 0.200 off Dempster hit in two of the last three Aprils.

Kevin Correia
has proved a lot of Pirates fans. He has a monster ERA in Wrigley. It is too high to print yourself. The RumBunter computer will not allow us, a little higher ERA than eight print.

Matinee Madness

Carlos Zambrano was shaky in spring training. He sucks on the opening day, so the Cubs gave him until Saturday. Let us hope that his suckiness on. But his strong K / 9 against the pirate guys, if they could get combined with the overwhelming numbers of K Pirates during spring training weird ..

Paul Maholm owns the Cubs, despite an ERA over six.

It is hard to predict what do these two pitchers on Saturday. Maholm only victories against the Cubs so let's go with a 8-6 victory Bucco.

Battle of Awful Springs

Matt Garza has never faced the Bucs. So thought Ohlendorf had a bad spring? Garza threw 21.2 innings. He walked 14, struck 20, but allowed 35 hits.

Ross Ohlendorf pitched in two starts against the Cubbies last season. He threw 13 innings and allowed only three runs. But much was written about his Spring Training.

We would laugh us if this is the pitcher's duel in the series.


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