Transcend bring Solid State Drive Portable SSD18C3. With the use of USB 3.0, provides the speed and stability which provides convenience to users.

Solid State Drive Portable SSD18C3 with high quality of NAND flash memory, device drivers that are engineered so as to improve USB transfer speeds. After installation, the SSD will be able to switch to Turbo mode, data transfer speeds up to 260MB per second, through a USB 3.0 port.

SSD18C3 size of a deck of poker cards, thereby providing convenience in carrying.

SSD18C3 has a state-of-the-art feature, including One Touch auto backup button. Can be activated with Backup Manager software is preloaded, allowing users to quickly perform backup and synchronization. With Transcend's exclusive JetFlash ® elite data management tools, to maximize the SSDs become more productive.

Transcend Solid State Drive SSD18C3 available for U.S. $ 224 for the 64GB model and U.S. $ 448 for 128GB model.


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