"What's My Name?", Rihanna, will realize the demand from his fans through a new breakthrough music through works that were created. Rihanna will present an exciting collaboration for the latest version of the song hits, entitled "S & M".

"I have created an exciting collaboration that will soon appear in front of you! OH YEAH! desired Based on demand," wrote Riri on Twitter. "She is Britney Spears! One of the famous pop star in the world!"

Britney joins a response. "You're too judge yourself so bad, darling,"wrote Britney on Twitter. "Do you think we are ready Riri? you're really tempting! I love it."

Rihanna and Britney did not say when the song will be released. The original version of the single "S & M", is a mainstay of the fourth track from Rihanna's album, "Loud" (2010). Before recycling a remix version, "S & M" is carrying the flow of pop-dance music.


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