Shirley MacLaine - New autobiography of the actress entitled "I'm Over All That." Can you guess what it means?

Her performance won an Oscar, her interest in transcendental meditation and its autobiographical memories: Shirley MacLaine is best known for three things. Shirley wrote 14 books in Hollywood.

MacLaine latest book is "I'm Over All That: And Other Confessions"is exactly what it sounds like: a list of all the things that Shirley is "over " in their lives. But it is also things not finished yet? Also, some things that Shirley is trying to overcome, but can not, it's over with stuff, stuff, things he's almost trying to get more, and issues whether we (society) is still on some of the other stuff.

These statements are all placed in the chapter headings of the book, like "I am over going to funerals," "I am not over exercise," and "As a sometime asthmatic, I am over deep breathing." Shirley MacLaine is The new book is essentially a biker-Sketch "Portlandia".


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