Sarah White created a breakthrough in therapeutic methods. Sarah will take off her clothes one by one until naked. In order for the patient will feel an attraction. Sarah decided to do therapy without clothes online because it is inspired by the theories being studied.

"Freud used free association, I use the nudity," said Sarah. "This is a more inspirational approach to therapy."

Therapy with no clothes on this sounds fine and dandy in theory, but in practice whether people can still focus on their problems, looking at a naked woman?

Sarah White's initial therapy sessions at a cost of U.S. $ 50 and conducted through one-way webcam along with chat facility. Having created a relationship with patients, she will move the therapy sessions to two-way video sessions via Skype, and finally to meet in person. In each consultation, she started therapy undress and then remove the remaining part of the clothes one by one until nothing is left. Until now Sarah has 30 regular patients.


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