Slim with Seaweed Drink

Drinks from seaweed could help in order to stay slim. Seaweed extract can block the appetite.

Men and women who drank the seaweed extract for breakfast, a third feel less hungry at lunch than those who drank regular drinks.

Make us feel full longer so they can more easily resist snacks, according to a report Obesity Journal.

Harry Peters of the British researchers say, "There is plenty of food and diet programs that are effective in helping lose weight."

"However, many of which fail to comply with the rules of the diet so that the target was difficult to achieve," he said as quoted by Daily Mail.

"Delaying hunger after a meal can increase one's satisfaction in living weight control program."

The researchers conducted try to provide products and calcium alginate, Slim-Fast, to the participants.

Those who consume 30 percent alginate feel less hungry in 5 hours. Alginate also has no effect whatsoever. Participants said they liked the drink. Alginate forms a gel change in gastric acid and calcium increase the thickness of the gel. It creates a feeling of fullness and keep food in the stomach longer.


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