Sony launches two new tablets, (4/26/2011). With Android operating system 3.0, Honeycomb.

S1 has a 9.4 inch screen. While S2 has a design of two screen, 5.5-inch.

Both devices this display can be used together or separately. Can be folded with one another, to create a package that is compact and very portable.

Having WiFi and 3G/4G network compatible, and integrate with PlayStation Suite. The users can download and play PlayStation games.

Sony explains S1 ​​using infrared technology, and works as a remote control universal for a variety of AV devices, including a turn on the TV, change channels and adjust the volume.

"The tablet can also be used to work on projects other content, with a larger screen and speakers," Sony said in a statement.

Both of these tablets will be marketed in the autumn of this year. Many analysts believe the price of S1 and S2 is able to compete with other tablet brands.


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