Osama bin Laden delivered an apology to the 24 children because of the lack of attention is poured into them. This message was written by Osama, 3 days after the terrorist attacks in the U.S. on September 11, 2001.

"You, my children, forgive me for my time more must be sacrificed for the sake of Jihad," bin Laden said in a statement in the letter, published daily Kuwait.

In the letter, bin Laden asked his children not to join al-Qaeda and ordered 4 his wife not to remarry.

Wills December 14, 2001 was signed with the inscription: "Your brother Abu Abdullah Muhammad Osama Bin Laden. "

Osama asked the wife for not getting married again and focus on caring for their children. "Do not think to get married again and then devote your time for the children and Lift them to the right path," wrote Osama.

The Washington Post reported in 2002, that a copy of a will that has been circulating in the Arab region. A statement by al-Qaeda says the letter is fake. However, the Western intelligence community will seriously follow up with this.

La Vanguardia, Spanish daily, reported bin Laden has expressed his conviction would be betrayed by the person it's own and eventually go to heaven as a martyr.


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