Mariah Carey has said that they will not make any money from the photos of their new babies, Monroe, and Moroccan, but now she is showing her daughter on Twitter!

A source said that Mariah and Nick were in talks to get to $ 200,000 from the photos of the twins, but they were looking at a whole lot more. The source said, "You are doing a series of publications on it in the best and most tasteful way of speaking. Nick Cannon has said on the radio, he does not feel quite well to sell pictures of his children. But the first picture ever still very valuable for the paparazzi. "

The singer took to Twitter yesterday to show their fans in the photo above. She said: "This is baby # dembabiesruntings-Monroe to say" no pictures dahhhhling "at 7 +1 / 2 weeks .. oh dear:)"

The twins were on 30 April was born, and the new parents have to keep a pretty good job, the photos themselves made​​. I can not say I blame them. I can not imagine I would be some creepy old men with cameras chasing my new family will want some. Would you?


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