Last month, Portwood, 21, was checked into a rehab facility after attempting to commit suicide since she was unable to see her 2-year-old daughter, Leah, reported OK! Magazine.

Custody of Leah was granted to Portwood’s former fiance and the little girl’s father, Gary Shirley, according to Smart About Health.

Portwood had battled depression for a while and was regularly taking anti-depressants, such as Xanax. However, the final straw was when Portwood began taking morphine pills to get through the day emotionally, according to Smart About Health.

That was when Shirley checked her into the hospital.

This time, however, Portwood went to the hospital for a head injury, according to her brother’s post on her Facebook fan page.

“Amber sustained a minor head injury from a fall yesterday. She was taken to the ER. But, she is doing fine now and back to overcoming the issues she is facing,” Portwood’s brother wrote.


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