The zoo Cuba Ciego de Avila announced the birth of a hybrid animal. This is the cross between a donkey and zebra, this species is known as "cebrasno" and his birth is unusual.Announced that the animal caregivers have less than a week old and has "excellent health" and "vitality".Hector Moreno, said animal keeper who inherited the long legs and scratched his mother, like ears and a central line that runs from mane to tail. Whereas the father, was a large body and robust, and dark brown and clear.Fidel Year, Ciego de Avila zoo director announced that the crossing was unexpected but possible, since "both are genetically compatible animals, although from different parts of the planet," he said.

Finally he explained that the cebrasno can procreate, but not other types of hybrid, since they share more than 90 percent of the genetic characteristics, as well as can be domesticated ass.It is the first born in Ciego de Avila cebrasnos but have been reported births at the zoo in Santiago de Cuba and Havana, for as in other parts of the world. [Source: allvoices.com]


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