[Klitschko vs. Haye] - Wladimir Klitschko finally become heavyweight boxing champion after winning the heavyweight title unification after a duel with David Haye. Imtech Arena wrestling in Hamburg on Sunday (07/03/2011) morning, Klitschko finished with figures of resistance Hayemaker 117-109, 118-108,116-110.

Over this victory, Ukrainian heavyweight boxer was entitled to his version of the WBO heavyweight champion, IBF, IBO and WBA. Through success in this prestige-laden fight, Klitschko fighting to improve a report card to 59 times a fight, 56 wins and 3 loses (49 KO). While Haye 27 times played, 25 wins 2 loses (25 KO).

Actually, it is not easy for Klitschko to subvert Haye. Because the boxer nicknamed 'Hayemaker' had a chance to control the way the fight in three rounds earlier. Haye looks still agile in avoiding punches Klitschko made freely control the way the fight.

However, entering the middle rounds, Klitschko's turn to take over the fight. Punch combination that carried the boxer nicknamed Dr. Steelhammer began to trouble the defense Haye. Some times raw bogem Klitschko landed on his face Haye. After the fifth round, Klitschko was more upbeat. Jab combined with straight and hook Klitschko makes Haye increasingly difficult to escape from the attack Klitschko.

There is no other way to do Haye to protect themselves other than to embrace Klitschko. Seeing the opposition forces began to slacken, Klitschko chose to fight from close range take advantage of the reach of his hand. This method proved erfektif to make Haye increasingly powerless.

Climax, when Klitschko had dropped Haye in the 11th round. Even the referee could count them. But Haye refused to give up and regain its footing. Although wobbly, try Haye fight Klitschko wait until the round ends sounded. The fight ended in round 12 where Klitschko finally winning on points.


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