Strawberries are able to make us look younger, it will also keep us from cancer.

The ability of this fruit increases levels of antioxidants in the blood, was quoted by the Daily Mail (06/22/2011). Antioxidants have been shown to combat the effects of oxidative stress, reducing the effects of aging, and prevent cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Spanish and Italian researchers asked a total of 12 healthy volunteers to eat 0.5 pounds of strawberries for two weeks.

The result, eating strawberries regularly can increase antioxidant levels in the blood and help prevent red blood cells have hemolysis.

Scientists from Polytechnic University of Marche in Italy and University of Granada in Spain said that the strength of strawberries is located at a high level of phenolic compounds contained.

"This course is very important if you really want the body more resistant to serious disease," said researcher Maurizio Battino from Marche Polytechnic University. These findings were published in the June 2011 Journal Chemistry.


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