Google +1 Main Features

Google + (Google Plus) comes with five main features. Following features:

1. Circles
As Friends on Facebook. Users can put friends of the category of Best Mates until Bastard.

2. Hangouts
Using a new social media video technology. To attract the attention of young children.

3. Instant Upload
To add a humorous comment on the photo. Is the right features to make people smile when viewing your photos.

4. Sparks
An advantage over Google + Facebook. Allows users to access Google without leaving Google +.

5. Huddle
To invite anyone in the group chat chit chat.


AT&T launches Sony Ericsson Xperia Play with Gingerbread, blue color option said...

Well, looky here. AT&T has very quietly revealed it's going to sell the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. No press release, no splashy press conference backed by a cheesy disco soundtrack. The thing just showed up at the carrier's holiday preview event here in New York City. We're told it runs Gingerbread, which would make it AT&T's second Android 2.3 handset behind the newly launched HTC Status.

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