On the morning of Thursday prominent Egyptian singer Suad Mohammed passed away at one of the hospitals in Cairo

Died in Cairo, Egyptian artist - Lebanese Suad Mohammed, over the age of 85 years, on Thursday evening, after suffering with the disease lasted for several years,

During which she underwent two operations in the heart and head.

Late and left behind hundreds of songs, the most famous songs from the film «Shaimaa», and the poem «the will of life», along with two films filmmakers.

The sources said the family of the union of musicians, it was decided to bury the deceased in the tombs of the family in Egypt, after the revolution and accompanied the voice of the people of Tunisia during the performance of a poem «the will of life» of the late poet Abu Qasim al-Shabi, which begins, «If people wanted to day life ..

Must respond much », which returned to the strong presence in the arena of Tunisia, with the« revolution of freedom and dignity ».

And the late - Her film «a girl from Palestine» - was born in Beirut in 1926 of an Egyptian father emigrated from his home town of Abu Tig in Assiut Governorate, and a Lebanese mother, and the origins of Damascus launched her talent singing to supplement in the city of Tarab Arab Aleppo in the period of the last century,

Some have described her as the best female voice heard in Aleppo. [Source: allvoices.com]


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