Ashton Kutcher is so busy taking over for Charlie Sheen ON Two and a Half Men, so it's not likely he'll have much time for anything else right now.

Even so, perhaps he'll get a break long enough to work on something less...like a That '70s Show reunion!

You think I'm kidding? The possibility of bringing the ole gang back together has apparently popped up from time to time ever since the Fox series ended five years ago...

"We've talked about it," Wilmer Valderrama tells me.

And yes, Mr. Valderrama would probably do it if asked. "You know, I retired the Fez voice after the last episode," he said of his star-making role. "I've never done it again, and I kind of miss being that silly. I'm not gonna lie."

Like Kutcher, Valderrama is also busy with another series: Awake, a new drama for NBC he costars in with Jason Isaacs and Cherry Jones. And just to be fair, former costars like Mila Kunis (hello, naked with Justin Timberlake!) and Laura Prepon (star of Chelsea Handler's upcoming vodka-infused autobiographical sitcom) aren't exactly sitting at home looking for work either.

But when I tell Valderrama that I'm more than happy to try to get the '70s Show reunion ball rolling by writing about it, he said, "Let's start that buzz."

Consider it done. Let the buzzing begin!

Now we want to here from you. You dig the idea of a '70s Show reunion? Or should the bellbottoms and leisure suits stay packed away forever ? [Source: eonline.com]


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