Greyson Chance released a new music video "Unfriend You". Narrated Greyson felt heartbroken when her hero affair.

Greyson chose to have fun with friends. Greyson fun with her ​​friends at the show. Do not look sad.

"This is an amazing record as the first, 'Unfriend You' is a song about heartbreak that always seemed pleasant and associated with social networking," said Greyson on MTV. "I think it is very important to introduce social networking in a piece of music."

"Unfriend You" written by Greyson and enter the album 'Hold on' Til the Night " will be released August 2. "Unfriend You" is the second single after "Waiting Outside the Lines".

"When I wrote for this album, especially when I was in the studio for 'Unfriend You', I'm heartbroken," said Greyson. "So it felt good to express myself through music and art."

Greyson Chance 'Unfriend You' (Music Video) You can free download from YouTube:


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