J-Woww Funbags in Maxim Photos,second I’m still painful to grasp the craptastic reality hypothesis of sending a conglomerate of now well-off and famous fake Italian-Americans to effective once also in a beach apartment and work their odds jobs along the boardwalk, I itch admit, J-Woww remains the one also only (well, two and only) reason to sustenance evolving with woolly pole. She’s neither short or chock-full or in the resemblance of a frightening lawn gnome, which makes her a means hottie, a true oddity.

J-Woww and her boobtastic worthiness will epitomize featured domination the upcoming edition of Maxim, a spread that is sure to bliss the millions of men who but a couple years ago knew nothing about this supplementary York brunette, and, now, they still have information nothing about her, except that she’s faptastic. Turns out, fame is exactly all it’s cracked up to serve as. [Source: allvoices.com]


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