It might have skipped your attention, but the Queen is becoming ever so more overshadowed by the newest Royal addition to the family. Over the past few months the Duchess of Cambridge has stunned so many people with her riveting appetite for chic clothes and importance among the monarchy that is currently being maintained.

The Queen iconography is subsiding due to little attention since the Royal Wedding in April; therefore the newlyweds are said to be cutting the amount of state occasions and visits, helping boost Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee next year. Will and Kate are going to face a life of media attention, similar to a previous five decades dedicated to Queen Elizabeth ll, but isn’t it fair to give her one of the last state occasions she’ll ever take part in? Of course!

Katherine is said to remain at their sea-side home in Anglesey, North Wales, while Prince William has duties to carry out in the Falkland Islands for two months in 2012 for experience and a long-awaited title of Captaincy. He has already made several extraordinary rescues as RAF pilot since the start of this year.

Their latest 11 day tour of Canada and California is one they’ll remember, it’s also something Kate would have thought more about before plunging herself deeper into the celebrity spotlight. She has made a transformational impression to the royal family as a whole and amazingly influences many around the world- young and old. Some would compare her to Princess Diana- someone that can unfold a controversial subject and bring positivity to everybody, in some way. This was shown through Princess of Wales’ hands-on work with those suffering from AIDS in the 90s.

One of their most eagerly awaited occasions coming later this year is Remembrance Day at The Cenotaph. She will also be choosing a charity to support in the meantime; it is unlikely that she’ll be made patron of the cause. Analysts believe her range of charity commitment will be minimal, so that there is more time to concentrate on one single issue and her position as future King’s wife. [Source: allvoices.com]


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