Two-year-old Isaac Cooper, who loves singing along to Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are, is the Kids' Stuff Talent Quest's youngest contestant - so far.

The Christchurch toddler is one of a number of entrants, with the winner receiving a Nintendo Wii Console.

Mum Debbie Wealleans said Isaac began singing eight months ago when he started to speak.

It began in the car but after his 10-year-old sister Mikayla got Bruno Mars' CD for her birthday in May, Cooper has been singing all the time.

"He was outside playing before and all you can hear is him signing at the top of his lungs to that Bruno Mars song," Wealleans said.

Cooper also got a keyboard for his birthday in January.

As to whether he would take up singing classes, Wealleans said: "I don't know. I guess it's a bit too early to tell at the moment.

"But he definitely loves it. He dances around the house with his sister and he is a very happy boy."

Cooper's other talents include screaming and throwing tantrums, she joked.

He also enjoys throwing around golf clubs, as sister Mikayla and his father enjoy golf. 

Other entrants have showed off their wide-ranging talents, including making movies, motocross riding and even penguin spinning.

You can see the video from stuff.co.nz

Find more information on how to enter Stuff's talent quest, and tips on producing your video, click link [http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/5283650/Kids-Stuff-talent-quest]


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