There is an interesting story when the TOP visited Dankook University campus in early November. Personnel Big Bang is apparently kind enough to treat all the students who was eating in the cafeteria with him.

At that time TOP come to campus to meet one academic lecturer. They discussed the TOP study options after graduation. On the sidelines of the guidance counselor, TOP stopped briefly to the cafeteria for lunch. There, youth born 4 November 1987 (24 years) it seems to want to treat all students eat lunch in the cafeteria at the time.

Hearing this news, netter too many are extolling the virtues which made ​​TOP There is also netter who argue that the TOP was deliberately treat my friends who rarely met because of being repeated year.

"Of course, his heart is very good," said a fan. "I want treat eat."

Naturally, if the TOP wants to please his friends in one day. In addition because they are rarely met, TOP also would not mind because the coffers of wealth much more than them.


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