Be prepared for the fans heartbroken sexy diva Lee Hyori. Surprisingly, Hyori was suddenly known to forging a special relationship with a singer and composer of the song that named Lee Sang Soon. This news certainly surprised many people, considering that for this Hyori always cool calm of romance rumors.

It surprised him again, and Sang Soon Hyori is apparently already dating about five months ago. It is delivered by the agency representative Hyori, Monday, November 28, to the media. But strangely, the representative said if this time they have become lovers even though they had undergone stages of dating together.

"Less than five months ago they started to date first. Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon had known each other for over a year, but they started dating about five months ago," said agency representative. "Both are equally interested in the discourse of animal protection. They started dating after working a charity to make an album this summer."

Last July, Hyori is working on charitable projects in the form of an album titled "Remember". The production process of this album is assisted by Sang Soon as a whole. During the process of cooperation, the two became interested and decided on a date.

Currently Soon the man must have felt to be the most fortunate of the world, because it successfully dating sexy diva's dream of the South Korean men. Each side now has more than 30 years old. Many are predicting their relationship will continue into a more serious direction.

Lee Sang Soon as the guitarist of the band's debut Roller Coaster in 1999. In 2000, he studied jazz guitar at the Conservatory, Amsterdam. She never released an album collaboration with Kim Dong Ryul in 2010. Before the joint Hyori, Sang Soon've dated other South Korean super sexy singer, Yozoh (Shin Soo Jin). Their relationship broke up in April after a courtship of about nine months old.


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