James Bond in the movie "Skyfall", Daniel Craig, apparently not a "fan" Kim Kardashian family. Because it is so exalts the principle of privacy, Daniel gave scathing criticism on Kim and his family.

"Look at the Kardashian family. They are worth millions of dollars. I do not feel that they are bad but look at it now," said Rachel Weisz's husband was in the British edition of GQ magazine in January 2012. "You see and think. Do you think I'm going to act like an idiot on television and then you'd pay millions of dollars? I do not judge it well, actually I was judging."

In fact, Daniel had no problem if public figures or celebrities want to spend their opinions or feelings. Yet another problem if the goal for the money.

"You can not buy back your privacy," the actor said the film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)" it. "People watch the life in the family room and time of birth. You record and show it to us and now you want privacy?"

43-year-old actor is known to not like indulgence in personal life. Therefore, he chose to keep his marriage to Rachel that took place last June.

"We do it in private and I'm very grateful to many people for that," said Daniel. "But it's not the point. We got married because of personal reasons."

Daniel is currently busy filming the movie "Skyfall" which also stars Javier Bardem. According to plan, film director Sam Mendes will release it next year.


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