IU cute singer is known to have long beautiful hair. But who would have thought it IU had a similar problem with another girl, hair loss. It is confessed when interviewed by the Korean Daily, Sports Donga, Tuesday, November 29.

"When preparing a second album, I found a bald circle on my head," said IU. "Actually I have a lot of thought because too often it's worrisome. Finally, the circle was in my head bald."

IU seems to suffer from stress during the production process of his second album, "Last Fantasy" (2011). The effects of stress, many IU's hair is falling out and make some parts of his head go bald.

But it could be completed IU stress well, and redeemed with satisfactory results because of the current flagship song on the album, "You & I", dominates the online music charts. Moreover, she had won the award for "Best Solo Vocal Performance" at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011.


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