When it appeared as guest star SBS variety show, "Strong Heart", which aired Tuesday, November 29, Sun Ye makes a surprise confession. Wonder Girls leader says he never wanted to commit suicide because she felt intense pressure. Previously, Sun Ye also make the audience "Strong Heart" shock when admitted she was not single anymore.

"A lot of people started to recognize me after appearing in a TV audition. At that time I still can not adapt to new environments," said Sun Ye. "My father was also ill at the time. I'm very concerned about my future teenage years amid concern."

Prior to joining the JYP Entertainment, Sun Ye was beginning to doubt his future. Especially that time she also had family problems. Sun Ye then audition music festival held at the school. At that time she wanted to try his vocal abilities by singing Whitney Houston, "Greatest Love of All".

At school, Sun Ye pretend to ask permission to go to the toilet in order to audition for it. But the state still has not improved from here. Sun Ye became ill during the audition.

"I made a mess audition and went home with a sad, asking who I am. I started thinking about suicide," Sun said Ye. "I've opened the box and take any drugs that were there and eat it."

With tears falling, Sun Ye went to the training room after taking the pill. He then played the piano and sing. Since then she began to feel confident and know the identity . She immediately visited the doctor and explain what happened. After telling everything, Sun Ye immediately surprised when the doctor declared him fit as a fiddle.

"An overdose of drugs sometimes make our bodies sick, but doctors said I was not anything," said Sun Ye. "Everyone must have had a difficult adolescence in which they lose their identity and confused to find himself. But most important is to learn to love yourself."


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