Elijah Wood shows another side of himself in a series of recent photographs horror film, "Maniac", which has just been published. After filling out the sound of penguins in the animated film "Happy Feet Two", now Elijah made ​​the big leap by acting as a sadistic killer in the film.

The photos themselves show horrific scenes that made ​​Elijah in "Maniac". Starring Frodo in the film "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" appeared standing on a woman's body and tried to stab him repeatedly with a knife. The woman looked frightened and tried to break away from the grip of Elijah.

"Maniac" tells of a serial killer, (Elijah Wood), who works at a store mannequin. The killer had tried to find his victims via the Internet, then try to follow them before the finish. When killing, he was hallucinating revenge against her mother, who often do violence to him as a child.

This film is a remake of the same titled movie made ​​in the 1980s. "Maniac" director Franck Khalfoun directed and produced by Alexandre Aja. The film will be released in 2012.


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