The saying "once paddled two or three islands exceeded" apparently practiced by Lady GaGa. Artist with a high work ethic is reportedly brewing plans a concert tour to promote the album "Born This Way" (2012). "Born This Way Tour" is scheduled to be held starting next year.

In addition, GaGa is also preparing his new album material. Leaks are delivered directly by good friend and musical collaborator GaGa, DJ White Shadow, told MTV some time ago.

"Now he's making arrangements for the next tour and he always made ​​25 thousand things at once in one action," said DJ White. "But I think after this year's main focus is to prepare a concert and recording new songs."

For his new album later, GaGa said she wanted to work with legendary musician Elton John. DJ White also expressed readiness to collaborate with GaGa again after previously working on the song "Born This Way" and "Americano".

"I want to try and make it a reality. Therefore I would wake up at 4 dawn and flew to Los Angeles or Japan, or wherever GaGa want to start," said DJ White. "Chances are she did it all the time (roll out) tour. I sent him the material and she sent me too. She was always doing something. I know she likes to write songs on the road (concert), so she might finish his new album of material during the tour."


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