Biopic "Steve Jobs" is currently in construction stage. But until now there is no name that was announced to join the cast in the film. This is certainly invites curiosity for many parties, especially regarding the lucky actor who plays the Apple company's founder.

However, a related rumor that circulated. Rumor is written by The Sun tabloid that says that currently there are two actors who are fighting over the role. Two actors are George Clooney and Noah Wyle Flying. Although there has been no confirmation about it, but Sony Pictures reportedly is eyeing one of the two actors to portray the character of Steve.

Noah himself had previously played the character Steve in the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley" (1999). While George is known for starring in several major films. The movie had just played, "The Ides of March", also made it into the ranks of the U.S. box office.

Steve Jobs biopic will tell you about Steve's life and career were made based on the author's personal interview with Steve Walter Issaacson. The story focuses on the business Steve build a company that can inspire people to use technology differently.

Sony Pictures are said to have set aside $ 1 million for the film. The film is being produced by Mark Gordon ("Saving Private Ryan" - 1998).


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