Katy Perry music Vacuum

Recently Katy Perry is rumored to be vacuum a year from the world of music. This plan will be executable after completing the last concert "California Dreams". According to the New York Post, this beautiful singer's intention to convey the manager who then amen.

Naturally, if Katy would like a vacuum for his family. The reason, in 2011 almost spent with Katy's work. Starting from the stage, concerts, appearing on TV, music and other events. Therefore he wanted to break a year for taking the time and form a small family with her ​​husband, Russell Brand.

Intention vacuum nor because she was pregnant at this time. When a concert at Madison Square Garden some time ago, Katy confirmed if she was not pregnant. But she was sick because of eating too much pizza.

Meanwhile, Katy's concert in North America will close with performances November 23 at the Staples Center, Los Angeles. Today Katy has two dependents each concert again. First, a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, January 19, 2012, as well as concerts in the Philippines three days later (22 / 1).


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