After the death of the late Amy Winehouse, apparently there is still a lot of songs that still have not been released or completed the process of recording. But Amy's boss at the label Island Records UK confirms that about 12 songs that will never be released until any time.

This was done at the request of the deceased Amy directly. To avoid things that are not desirable, the boss of Island Records was even store the songs in the vault. He had great respect for Amy's request and promised not to violate it, even though there is one song that they really like.

"There are a dozen songs that have not been completed or have not been release. All the people who have heard the song 'Procrastinate' really liked it," said deputy CEO Ted Cockle. Another Deputy Managing Director, Darcus Beese participated adds, "If you've heard this song, we invite you to come to my office in Kensington and fired me."

But the Guardian media never mentions if this song actually been leaked on the internet several years ago. Thus, it may now only about 11 songs Amy unreleased recordings or resolved. Some other titles that are "Detachment", "Gutter" and "Our Souls Is not Sol.


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